Trojan Guarder Gold

Trojan Guarder Gold 7.4

Detects and eliminates viruses, Trojans, and macro viruses
7.4 (See all)

Trojan Guarder Gold will detect and eliminate viruses, Trojans and
macro viruses, even new and unknown ones, on your computer.
Trojan Guarder initates a system named Guard Ghost to supervise
all running processes in memory system, Windows files and open
ports to search worms and trojan horses at any time.

Once a trojan or worm appears, even it is hidden in other
programs, Trojan Guarder will display a signal for warning
and eliminate it consequently. Meanwhile, Trojan Guarder will clear
all trojan-system-linked files as well as relative registered files.

Trojan Guarder can also provide assistance to protect and
manage your computer: Windows Ghost and IE Doctor.

Windows Ghost can strengthen your computer system.

IE Doctor can recover any damage caused by java script viruses
and activeX viruses. It can also prevent hackers from attacking the
Internet Explorer of your computer.


· About 2 MB of free disk space
· At least 8M RAM
· A color monitor supporting at least 256 colors


· 40 Uses Trial
· Nag screen on startup
· Scan Disk function is disabled

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